Mobile Services

Boditree Corporate Stretch Sessions for Staff Comfort and Pain Relief

Corporate postural assessment and in office workout design, at your place of work
Boditree is dedicated to sharing our wisdom with our friends in business, to ensure your staff are happy and are at the top of their game when at work. This isn’t always easy when people spend too much time seated at a desk. We will ensure your staff learn new ways of supporting their bodies, and adopt some easy to practice postural exercises that can be performed anywhere, anytime ! We are able to provide an educational environment to individuals or groups, regardless of the size. The largest group we have taught to date was 200 executives during their lunch break, it was a dynamic and exciting opportunity to share our passion for good posture! Exercise clothing is not required to learn, all we ask is a willingness to participate!
Contact Boditree Corporate Workshops today by email or phone at 604-736-2634.

Boditree at your Home: Customized workout, no equipment required

Home visits and custom-designed workouts for use in your home
We are happy to assist participants who are unable to attend workouts at Boditree. As leaders in education, we can provide a safe and comfortable workout environment for you in the comfort of your own home or your place of work, no equipment necessary! Contact us by email or phone at 604-736-2634.

Boditree to Go: Travelling? Pack a workout in your luggage!

Whether you are on the beach, ski hill or in your hotel room we can create a routine perfect for travel & vacation Boditree staff have been designing travel routines for our clients for more than 10 years, and the demand for this service grows annually. We are happy to help you incorporate Pilates fundamentals into a routine that can be practiced anywhere you go, no equipment required! Contact us by email or phone at 604-736-2634.