Pilates Instructor Training

Boditree Pilates Instructor Training 2017/2018
October 14, 2017 – March 4, 2018
We build smart Pilates instructors

Workshop Module Dates/times & subject titles:

Each weekend workshop sees approximately 40 classical exercises taught, including how to break them down for individual needs. Students will also be required to practice and perform select exercises for the duration of the program, including the apprenticeship weekends as well, to ensure full comprehension of the work. Be prepared to get fit whilst learning a new vocation!

Saturdays : 1:30-6:00 & Sundays : 11:30-2:30/3:00-6:00

  1. October 14/15, 2017
    Introduction to the Method ; The full Matwork, Boditree assessment, Boditree stretches
  2. October 21/22, 2017
    Legwork – the Wunda Chair, High Chair, Reformer, Cadillac, Barre, Full Matwork review
  3. November 04/05, 2017
    Abdominals – Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair ; Romana’s series of 5, Short Spine Series – Reformer, Cadillac
  4. November 11/12, 2017
    The Stomach Massage Series – Reformer, Cadillac, High Barrel, Wunda Chair
    The Short Box Series – Reformer, High Barrel
  5. November 25/26, 2017
    The Pelvic Press Series – Reformer, Cadillac, Spine Corrector/Baby Arcs
  6. December 2/3, 2017
    The Knee Stretch Series – Reformer, Wunda Chair, Cadillac
  7. December 9/10, 2017
    The Long Spine Series & Arm Work/Boxing series – Reformer, Cadillac, Pedi-pull
  8. January 6/7, 2018
    Review of the Full Matwork ; introduction to Boditree Releasework, Spine Corrector ; Designing a workout
  9. January 13/14, 2018
    Modifications for special needs – MS, Parkinsons, injuries, limb inhibition, spinal damage, scoliosis, chronic pain, working with pain. Introduction to Fletcher fundamentals
  10. January 27/28, 2018
    Introduction to Level 2 advanced repertoire exercises, review of Boditree releasework
  11. February 10/11, 2018
    Apprenticeship teaching, workout design
  12. February 17/18, 2018
    Apprenticeship teaching, workout design
  13. March 3/4, 2018
    Apprenticeship teaching assessment, final examination

Requirements :

The Pilates Method of Physical Conditioning at Boditree requires all instructor training participants to make an extensive commitment to learn the full repertoire of Level 1 exercises, to gain familiarity with all the primary apparatus, and to master how to modify the exercises and equipment for special needs. The goal of this program is to create intelligent instructors who are capable of entering the workplace, and capable of teaching every single body type, regardless of limitations or restrictions. Boditree graduates are in high demand because of the teaching and assessment skills we share with our students, however our goal is that graduates choose to stay and work with us here at Boditree. Included in this program is a full apprenticeship, ensuring confident teaching skills within the Pilates studio, and both designing new workouts, and teaching existing clients who train at Boditree.

Requirements :

  • Completion of the 4 introductory personal private workouts so a custom designed workout can be created for each participant.
  • observation hours – a minimum of 5 hours per week during the duration of the course
  • completion of 10 private lessons during the course
  • attendance to all workshop module weekends
  • attendance to all apprenticeship sessions
  • successful completion of the final exam and teaching assessment
  • attendance to a minimum of 3 group workouts per week for the duration of the course

Costs : (please add gst to all rates)

  1. Introductory 4 private workouts : $300.00
  2. Each weekend workshop Module : $420.00 (13 in total)
  3. Privates : $95.00 each (10 in total)
  4. Group workouts : $35.00 each (approx 40 workouts)
  5. Observation hours : no charge

Group and Private workouts can be paid in bulk or individually, see regular client rates for access to bulk discount rates.

Total estimated investment to be expected per student : $8110.00 before bulk rate workout discounts.


All registrants must have completed their introductory 4 private sessions prior to the first workshop module date.

Spaces are limited, please register early. We are excited to share our passion for Pilates with you !

For more information, please contact Boditree at : Boditree@telus.net