Pilates Instructor Training

Boditree Pilates Instructor Training 2017/2018

The Pilates Method of physical conditioning requires all instructor training students to make an extensive commitment to learn the full repertoire of exercises, gain familiarity with all the apparatus, and master how to modify the exercises and equipment for special needs and conditions. Boditree’s training program is dedicated to creating thoroughly experienced instructors, via a 7 month commitment from all students. Participants will not only improve their own relationship with the work, but they will also evolve into seasoned and confident educators, with employment opportunities both locally and around the globe.


  • All participants must complete their introductory 4 private sessions prior to the start date of the first Instructor Training module.
  • Participants are expected to complete 5 hours per week of observation throughout the duration of the course. If residing outside of Vancouver and travelling to attend the modules, Boditree will assist you in finding a suitable studio in your area to practice your custom designed Boditree workout, and potentially complete 50% of the required observation hours at a studio in your locale. Group led Pilates classes are not recognized by Boditree as training hours to apply towards this program.
  • Participants must attend 10 private sessions during the course dates.
  • Participants are required to attend a minimum of 2 group workouts per week.

Classes days and times:

Saturdays : 2:00-6:00 pm
Sundays : 11:30 am-6:00 pm (break 2:30-3:00 pm)

Module Dates:

  1. September 9/10, 2017
  2. September 23/24, 2017
  3. October 14/15, 2017
  4. October 21/22, 2017
  5. November 4/5, 2017
  6. November 11/12, 2017
  7. November 25/26, 2017
  8. December 9/10, 2017
  9. January 6/7, 2018
  10. January 13/14, 2017
  11. January 27/28, 2017
  12. February 10/11, 2017
  13. February 17/18, 2017
  14. March 3/4, 2017
  15. make up date : April 7/8, 2018 (in case of the need to cancel one of the above weekends due to illness on the part of Boditree educators).
Final exam : April 15th, 12:00-3:00 pm


  • Introductory 4 private sessions:  $ 320.00
  • Modules:  $ 350.00 per weekend
  • Observation:  $ 10.00 per hour
  • Group workouts:  $ 30.00 per workout
  • 10 private workouts:  $ 80.00 per workout

Please add gst to all rates

Total costs based on the following minimum requirements ; additional fees will be added for increased attendance to group workouts, or observation.

  • introductory 4 private sessions   $ 320.00
  • 14 module weekends   $4900.00
  • 40 group workouts   $1200.00
  • 10 private sessions   $ 800.00
  • 100 hours of observation   $1000.00
  • exam fees    $ 250.00

Ttl Cost : $8470.00 plus gst

**Boditree will provide all participants with a training manual. 2-3 text books will be required as additional purchases by all students. Title/author of texts to be announced in the first module.

**For a break down of module subjects, please contact Boditree and we will send out the agenda.

**After completion of the training program, Boditree graduates are welcome via invitation and interview, to complete a 4 month teaching apprenticeship with Boditree.

**existing Boditree clients wishing to attend the modules may do so without purchasing the introductory 4 sessions, as they already have a workout designed for them.

**Modules must be paid 2 weeks in advance to reserve enrollment.

**10% discount is offered to students wishing to pay in full for the entire program.

Spaces are limited to ensure quality of instruction. For more information, please contact Boditree at : Boditree@telus.net