Boditree Pilates Instructor Training


Our program is held on weekends with 24/7 access to online supportive training materials.

Our flexible, weekends only  program will fully prepare you to teach and train clients in one-on-one and group settings. You will learn the classical repertoire, modifications, both matwork and full apparatus plus special supplementary modifications and techniques for special needs and how to use  Boditree Releasework™,  available only through Boditree Pilates. An apprenticeship component is also included — jump to Details and Pricing Below…


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  • All fundamentals of Classical Pilates
  • Modifications for special needs & conditions
  • Client Assessment Protocol
  • Design & creation of a one hour structured workout based on assessment protocol
  • How to design and teach a matwork class
  • How to design and teach an apparatus workout
  • Unique to our program, you will learn Boditree Releasework™­, a system we have created to help people suffering from pain or restriction better access the Pilates Method of Physical conditioning.


Boditree’s Pilates Teacher Training program is a comprehensive educational environment designed to create confident and informed movement educators. Included in these weekend workshops are the study and breakdown of the classical repertoire, modifications, and an introduction to Boditree Releasework™, a system we have created to help people suffering from pain or restriction better access the Pilates Method of Physical conditioning. After successful completion of our training program and your observation and apprenticeship  hours, you will be employment ready,  with opportunities both at Boditree and at neighbouring studios.

Boditree also offers a Level Two training program, for those instructors who seek a deeper analysis of working with special needs, analysis of Boditree workout design, a mastery of the advanced repertoire, and more comprehensive apprenticeship hours. We will run a Level 2 program in 2020,

Course Materials :

A manual will be provided for all students, and a reading list of suggested books will also be provided.  Suggested reading :
1. Joseph Pilates, “Return to Life”
2. Calais-Germain, “Anatomy of Movement”
3. PMA,  “Study Guide”

Objectives :

  • Learn the fundamentals of the classical Pilates method, all exercises, on  all apparatus & mat
  • Learn how to modify for individual needs, including working with chronic conditions, pain, post surgical recovery, pre and post natal conditioning, and more
  • Learn how to assess participants, and manage their needs in a one hour structured workout
  • Learn how to teach and design a Matwork class, an apparatus workout, and full workout design, for all levels of fitness.

Why Study with Boditree ?

Boditree Pilates & Healing is one of Canada’s most established full service Pilates studios. We dedicate our work to the needs of our clients, and we are known for our work assisting clients in  managing pain and strengthening postural integrity.  When you study with us you learn not only how to instruct Pilates on the apparatus and mat, but also how to apply Pilates concepts & modifications to match the needs of a variety of abilities and needs. Pilates is more than just a workout, and you will learn how to bring its benefits to your clients. We are a busy studio needing more staff,  so our graduates are often employed right here at Boditree!

Level One : weekend modules
1.   Orientation
2.  Matwork, Footwork on all apparatus
3.  Matwork, Abdominals on all apparatus
4.  Matwork. Short Spine Series
5.  Matwork, Stomach Massage Series, all apparatus
6.   Matwork, Short Box, Long Box, supplementary apparatus
7.   Pelvic Press Series, all apparatus
8.  Knee Stretch Series, all apparatus
9.  Supplementary apparatus, classical repertoire
10.  Supplementary apparatus, modifications for special needs
11.  Arm series, all apparatus
12. Workout Design, Apprenticeship
13.  Workout Design, Apprenticeship
14.  Special needs, Apprenticeship
15.  Final Review
16.  Final exam

Requirements :

  1. Attendance of a minimum of 2 group workouts per week, either at Boditree or a studio approved by us, if you do not reside in Vancouver.
  2. 5 hours of observation per week throughout the duration of the program.
  3. The introductory 4 private sessions must be completed prior to the start of this program of study, so a customized Pilates program has been designed for each participant.
  4. 4 private sessions during the course of study.
  5. Completion of 9 weeks of observation hours and private lessons prior to the start of the Apprenticeship component of the training .

Costs : please add GST to all rates

5% discount applied to all accounts pre-paid in advance for all dates

  1. Each 5 hour day of education :  $200.00 ($6200 in total)
  2. Introductory 4 private sessions : $330.00
  3. 15 weeks of group workouts (2 per week) $1065.00
    Students are welcome to attend more workouts, this is simply the minimum requirement, rates are based on the 40 pack rate.
  4. Private sessions (minimum) $360.00

Total cost of program :  $7955.00 plus GST
*there is no charge for observation hours *

Spaces are limited, register early to reserve your spot !