Great products for home and studio use, aromatherapy oils and services, books and healthy snacks available right from our studio:

The amazing Oov is available at Boditree Pilates Vancouver. We import them from Australia and show you how to use it too! Call us today at 604-736-2634
The OOV, developed in Australia, enables you to activate your core stabilizer muscles and to elongate the spine in a healthy and relaxing neutral position. Excellent for home use, or in a therapeutic, clinical or gym setting. $228 plus tax available exclusively through Boditree. 3 sizes available.

More Great Products:

– Hand weights
-Pilates Balls
–Fletcher™ Towels for Towel Work
–SI (Sacroiliac) Balls
-Healthy snacks
-Release tools
-Brasil-Sul tights
-Boditree t-shirts
-Bach flower rescue remedy line
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Aromatherapy Sundays by appointment. Therapeutic essential oils custom blended after your consultation with Lori York of York & Sons. Holistic Aromatherapy Massage Treatments available for a complete immersive experience.
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