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Introduction to Boditree Releasework

Welcome to Boditree’s Introduction to Releasework. This course will cover assessment, all the release tools we incorporate into our practice at Boditree, and determining measurable results. Learn how to assist participants to prepare for an optimal Pilates workout, by practicing Boditree releasework and breath essentials, prior to commencing apparatus workouts. 9/10 Boditree clients report that it’s the Releasework that saves them when they are in pain and travelling, at home, or at work. These tools will empower your clients, and make your job far easier, in correcting bodies on the apparatus. Release, reset, then work ! It’s the Boditree way.

Assessment and Workout Design: Working with Scoliosis

Boditree's introduction to working with participants with Scoliosis begins with assessment, then moves to release work, breath work, ooving, Matwork principles, then Pilates apparatus. Learn how to assess and continuously correct imbalances, respond with useful modifications, and create a comprehensive workout that will assist the body to better support their structure. Reduce pain, increase strength, and most importantly, improve awareness of imbalances and to teach people how to take better responsibility for their imbalances in daily life.

Managing Parkinson's in a Pilates workout design

Assessing and designing a workout for a senior with early onset Parkinsons, plantar fascia discomfort, shoulder impingement, and hemisphere imbalances. This course will empower instructors with information that will assist them in delivering their services to a wider variety of participants. Seniors greatly benefit from the Pilates Method of physical conditioning, and this course is a great introduction to help movement educators expand their vocabulary and tools available to us within the realm of the Pilates Method.

  • taking history, assessing range
  • foot mobility
  • releasing the psoas
  • assessing posture, gait, stability of the pelvis, and integration of breath
  • decompressing the spine, balancing pelvic floor with breath, and brain integration

The Spine Corrector for Release Work & Cranial-Sacral Rocking

Learn how to use your spine corrector (also called a small barrel), for altering how participants experience breath. This course focuses on release work, imprinting, strengthening spinal conditioning, sequencing, and measuring results. The course concludes with Cranial-Sacral rocking, something everyone should experience at least once in their life ! A fantastic course for instructors who are wanting to dig deeper into the breath work before starting a Pilates workout. The Spine Corrector is one of the most important pieces of apparatus existing in a Pilates studio, this course will demonstrate why, and it will teach you how to get more use out of your barrels !

Advanced Release Work : case study with a fibromyalgia flare and chronic pain

Assessing a fibromyalgia flare and responding to it. When Nicola came in for filming we assumed we were going to film advanced workout design, however this was not possible as she was in pain. So we acted in the moment, responding to what was presented to us - a body that was suffering. This course will give you insight into how Risa manages such cases in the moment, with assessment, Boditree Release Work, and experiencing the dance between assessment and response. You will see how the body becomes prepared for Pilates, with measurable results from before to after the session.

  • Boditree Release Work (tm)
  • assessing and releasing the pelvis
  • assessing and releasing the neck and collarbone
  • assessing and releasing psoas, rebalancing breath with the ribs, and integrating hemispheres