Getting Started

The Boditree Difference:

Just like no two trees are alike, no two bodies are alike and what works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. That’s why Boditree PIlates takes a personal approach to your success.

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Each new Boditree client begins with four private sessions to determine their range of motion, their flexibility, and identify potential muscular and skeletal imbalances. Then we design a custom program that will allow your body to better respond to your Pilates training. Following your initial four private sessions, you continue to work with a Boditree instructor on an individual basis, or join classes of 1-5 students. Either option provides you with personalized attention and the support you need to ensure you get the most out of each workout.

As your body becomes stronger and more efficient, your program changes to include new exercises that will continue to keep you challenged and seeing results. Thinking about getting started with Pilates at Boditree?… View our schedule and pricing here….

Our Studio Offers:
  • Private Training on the Apparatus
  • Custom Pilates Group Workouts on the Apparatus
  • Virtual Pilates Studio: Workout At Home!
  • Instructor Training
  • Online Education
  • Specialized Workouts

Specialized Workouts:

Prenatal & Postnatal: Join the hundreds of women who have experienced Boditree Pilates whilst pregnant, and benefit from the beauty that is Pilates, pre and post natally. Pregnancy is an important time for experiencing custom designed Pilates workouts, as it helps the mother to be prepare for childbirth. Just like all of our new clients at Bodtiree Pilates & Healing, the process commences with 4 introductory sessions, and this is where we design your workout and teach it to you. Pilates will help you feel in control of your body whilst it changes during each trimester, and the work will prepare you not just for labour, but also for the sleepless nights that follow. Postural integrity and pain management are very real considerations in post-natal health, and we are dedicated to serving this population with immense care.

Injuries  and Chronic Conditions: Many clients have specific physical goals or limitations, but our customized workouts allow them to rehabilitate and build strength and fitness via Pilates.  We have years of experience with pre and post joint replacement, sports injury, chronic neck, back or foot pain, scoliosis, Parkinson’s and more.

Call us today to find out more at 604-736-2634.  Our studio is very accessible with no stairs required to enter plus parking or drop off doorside available. Our experienced Boditree staff have been trained and certified in all standard Pilates education.