For the past two years, I have struggled with knee and lower back pain. By the beginning of 2021, I could only go down stairs one step at a time, holding dearly on to the bannister.  I couldn’t put on a pair of socks or tie my own shoes. I recently joined Boditree Pilates and Healing and within 6 weeks of twice weekly private sessions, I can now quickly descend the stairs hands free!  The feeling is incredible!  I put my socks and shoes on every morning pain-free, and I have never enjoyed digging in my garden so much! Thanks to Risa and her amazing team at Boditree, I feel like a new woman!  Through personalized and consistent exercise routines, I now have renewed confidence in what my body can do, and how I can use it for a more active and healthy lifestyle.  Thank you!!
Heather L.

I came to Boditree Pilates several months ago because I had previously experienced the benefits of Pilates workouts in another location.  I stayed with Boditree Pilates because the entire staff is exceptionally skilled and the results have far exceeded my expectations of how Pilates could help me to resolve pain issues and to help me better understand my body. I truly cannot recommend this studio enough. Risa and her Boditree Pilates staff have a high level of expertise that they use in their assessment of physical problems, which guides them to accurately develop individualized programs for their clients. Their continued efforts in reassessing when necessary and their adept ability to instruct by breaking down each step to explain movements gives this staff an edge. What an excellent group of personable and very knowledgeable instructors!
Jane T.

Curiosity lead me to Boditree Pilates. Waking up pain free for the first time in years will keep me going for life! Risa and her team are miracle workers.
Belinda Gutman, RN, BSN, MSN

Thanks to Risa and the staff at Boditree Pilates I was able to achieve my dream! Due to the excellent training, strengthening and support I have received at Boditree Pilates over the last 2–3 years, I was able to achieve my dream of going to Hawaii and being able to swim, snorkel and ride horses!
Sylvia Andrews, Age 57

I started pilates as I approached a milestone birthday, wanting to ensure I stayed flexible. Now, nearly eleven years later, I am still a regular client at Boditree. I am an avid horseback rider and pilates is the perfect complimentary activity – my strong core and “loose, straight hips” (essential for horseback riding) are the result of the instruction and corrections I have received from Risa and her team of dedicated instructors over the years. I’m looking forward to continuing for the next decade!
Helen Johnson

I’ve been coming to Boditree Pilates and Healing for approximately 8 months now, and I’ve signed up for life. A lifetime of working as a chef led to multiple back issues, but after only 8 months of working out at Boditree my life has changed. My back is strong and my core supports it; my posture is better, I breathe deeply, and I’ve got strength to do things that I couldn’t do before. My chiropractor cannot believe how easily my back moves now, whereas before it was constantly being thrown out and locking. The staff at Boditree are incredibly well trained and always “on”. They’re focused and determined and constantly revising everyone’s personal routine. They’re fun but serious…..and I’ll be with them for life !
Donna Wadsworth

A year ago, I was in Paris with my husband. On the last day of our wonderful vacation, I had to let him go exploring by himself as I no longer could walk. I have hereditary bowed legs, and over time, they were getting worse, affecting my hips and my knees. The pain was unbelievable, and when I caught a glimpse of myself walking, I looked like an old crippled German Shepherd. I started wearing only pants as I was embarrassed by my bowed legs. I couldn’t walk more than a block or two without extreme pain, and I could never stand for longer than a few minutes. I came back to Boditree. I was a client many years ago but was ‘cured’ and went along my merry way. When I started getting pain years later, I had tried a couple of other studios for the convenience factor, but they were all doing the same workout at the same time, which did not work for me. Within a year of coming back to Boditree and getting my personalized workout going, I can get my knees to touch. I can walk for blocks, and at a recent Christmas party, I stood all night long ! I am better but still have some way to go. Never will I leave the brilliance of Risa and her crew. They are knowledgeable, they care, and they don’t let you cheat ! I love the fact that at Boditree, your workout is designed for you. I don’t know about you, but my issues are different from the other people in my class. We are all different heights and weights and have different health issues. I am going on vacation again soon and cannot tell you how excited I am that I will be able to walk with my husband, pain-free !
Carolyn Berg

Boditree Pilates has become a very important part of my weekly routine over the past 2 years. Thanks to the skills and patience of Risa and the Boditree Instructors, my lower back pain and stiffness that I’d suffered from for several years has been entirely eliminated. My range of motion, core strength and overall physical health has never been better ! I am now enjoying the new challenges continually added to my Pilates workout.
Thank you !
Helen Lamla

I have been coming to the Boditree off and on since the opening of their first studio. Physically I had explored all avenues for severe spondylosis….physio, massage…..I found the Boditree and my lower back has improved tremendously, I’ve lost the limp on my left side. Also I had a radical nephrectomy a year later cutting through all fascia and muscles so physically I suffered. Through Pilates and doing the core exercises, I do believe that my muscles and fascia have slowly strengthened. Pilates is my meditation and a healing for my body physically and relaxing for my being. Thank you to  Boditree.
Pam Henderson

The main reason I go to Boditree is that it increases my strength and helps with my alignment thus giving the double benefit of a preventative program guarding me from injury in my other sports. It’s a corrective program fro when I spend too much time at my desk or get a little too carried away on the ski hill. The exercises leave me feeling like I’ve worked hard physically and the semi-meditative rhythmic breathing that compliments the exercises leaves me feeling restored, renewed, and invigorated. I had tried several of Vancouver’s Pilates and Yoga studios before arriving at Boditree. Three years later it is still the place I go most regularly due to the quality of instruction, the physical results of the workouts, and the benefits to my overall alignment.
Laura Benson

I really appreciate the Boditree Instructors. They are very skilled, observant and cheerful. They are sincerely interested in helping each client improve their programs and their fitness. It’s great working with them.
Dr. Marshall Dahl

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks ? I started Pilates with Boditree at age 60 when I retired. over the 2.5 years later Pilates and Boditree have been an important part of a 30 lb weight loss. My posture is great. I’m much more stronger both in my core and upper body. Its a gradual change where I just seem to get stronger and more physically fit every week. The team and facility at Boditree are great !
Pam Williams

I was orginally a skeptical senior, but now after completing many months of classes at Boditree, I can say that they have made a positive impact to my life. I enjoy a greater strength and flexibility, which gives me added energy at my stage in life, not to mention a great improvement in my golf game. They offer excellent professional instruction on the different postures and breathing techniques. I look forward to my classes, always coming away, feeling calm and energized.
Norma West

I was so, so excited to get a chance to learn from Risa @boditree_pilates_and_healing this weekend. What a fabulous and perceptive teacher! In about an hour, she had created a personalized Pilates workout for me that I can do at the studio back in Whitehorse. Risa’s approach to Pilates, in my view, truly demonstrates what Pilates was always intended to be about, and she sits pretty solidly on the “classical” end of the current Pilates spectrum. My own training so far has been almost exclusively “contemporary” and on contemporary equipment, and what I know about the original, classical approaches to the Pilates System and Order has come from online research, reading, Facebook groups, and devouring whatever videos from reputable instructors I can find online. But Risa never made me feel embarrassed or ignorant, and she dignified me by assuming I knew things unless I let her know otherwise. She was firm and pointed, but so reasonable (#thePerfectAmountOfBossy). 🌱🌱🌱 I absolutely know that a lot of what she had me do for that hour, I did not do perfectly. I know there were dozens and dozens of things she noticed and could have adjusted or corrected or expanded on for probably every exercise I did (including footwork and the Hundred 😅). But one of the things Risa said that really made an impact on me was “You’re not performing for me.” This was about learning and experiencing things, not about showing off how beautifully and perfectly I could do Pilates and “prove” how awesome I am. Meaningful learning has very little to do with your ego. What a mental relief it was to be reminded of that! 🌱🌱🌱 Risa skillfully focussed on what would be most beneficial and helpful to me right now, and the adjustments and choices she did make were meaningful and memorable. We can keep fine-tuning the rest over time… and I’m ready to put in the work. I wish I could work with her every week!
Nadea Knodel,
Whitehorse Yukon
instagram: root.and.reach