Covid-19 Plan

Boditree is pleased to announce that we are now in Phase 3 of our Covid-19 recovery plan! Following the guidelines established by the Provincial Government and The Workers Compensation Board of BC, we are now able to reconfigure our studio and equipment to allow an easier flow of your Pilates workout. Clients may now move about the space to access equipment, and our instructors will now have more availability to assist you with correction and positioning.

We will still require the wearing of a mask for your workout until August 1st, in order to ensure your safety while staff receive their second vaccination. We will continue with enhanced cleaning and ventilation routines, including the use of a screen door for natural air flow in addition to our UV light air filter and air conditioning system (air is not shared with other units) plus wiping down of surfaces between each session.

We look forward to seeing you soon in our Classical Pilates Studio!

For your Continued Projection and Comfort:
Boditree Pilates & Healing has:
  • A fully implemented Covid 19 Health management plan ( covid 19 safety measures plan June 2020 )
  • a UV light air filter, which kills more than 95% of airborne bacteria and viruses, and is technology used in hospitals around the world
  • Our dedicated ventilation system so our air is not mixed with that of any other units
  • A screen door to let in fresh air
  • A disinfection routine and air out session of 15 minutes between all session times
  • All straps and bars have replaceable vinyl covers which are sanitized between use
  • Phase 3  layout of equipment
  • All Boditree staff wear face masks whilst teaching, whilst Boditree clients also wear masks