Boditree Teacher Training Program 2021-22

2021/2022 Pilates Teacher Training Outline
February 5-August 28, 2022

Boditree’s annual comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training program
Studying the archival work of Joseph and Clara Pilates, and the contributions made by their students Ron Fletcher, Romana Kryzanowska, Eve Gentry, Kathy Grant, and more. This program of study promises to build capable and informed movement educators thoroughly trained in the Pilates Method of Physical Conditioning. The exercises and their applications, intent, and order, following the full classical repertoire on all apparatus are examined, explained and experienced, including modifications for special needs, workout design, and class template design for virtual and in-person services. Boditree Releasework and workout design principles are also examined.

Guest Presenters:
All guest presenters will teach via Zoom on Saturdays from 3:00-5:00 pm or Sundays 2:00-4:00pm. In-house participants will be guided and assisted by Risa & Boditree staff whilst our guest educator presents their program of work. Virtual attendees will also receive feedback and guidance from both the presenter, and Risa.

  • Darien Gold, Classical Pilates educator, studio owner, and host of the Podcast  ‘All Things Pilates’, out of Petaluma, California.
  • Susannah Cotrone, Classical Pilates educator & studio owner out of  Los Angeles, California.
  • Lili Viola,Classical Pilates educator & studio owner out of Toronto, Ontario.

Program Coordinator :
Risa Mathews,
owner of Boditree Pilates & Healing in Vancouver, BC Canada, creator of Boditree Releasework TM

Class Dates/Times : 2022 Program
Saturdays 3:00-6:00 pm & Sundays 1:00-5:00 pm

  1. Feb 5/6: The Classical Matwork
    Risa Mathews
  2. February 19/20: The Classical Matwork & Intro to Reformer Level 1
    Risa Mathews
  3. March 5/6: The Reformer Level 1 & 2 exercises
    Risa Mathews
  4. March 19/20: The Reformer Level 1 & 2 exercises
    Lili Viola
  5. April 2/3: Matwork, Reformer, Wunda Chair
    Risa Mathews
  6. April 9/10: The Electric Chair & Wunda Chair
    Susannah Cotrone
  7. April 30/May 1: The Electric Chair & Wunda Chair
    Risa Mathews
  8. May 14/15: The Cadillac & Pedipul
    Susannah Cotrone
  9. May 28/29: The Cadillac & Pedipul, Arm Chair & Guillotine
    Risa Mathews
  10. June 11/12: The Spine Corrector & Small Barrel
    Risa Mathews
  11. June 18/19: The Spine Corrector & Small Barrel
    Risa Mathews
  12. June 25/26: The Ladder Barrel
    Darien Gold
  13. July 9/10: Foot Corrector, Toe Gizmo, Magic Circle
    Susannah Cotrone
  14. July 16/17: Reformer : full repertoire
    Risa Mathews
  15. July 30/31: REVIEW
    Risa Mathews
  16. Aug 6/7: REVIEW
    Risa Mathews
  17. Aug 20/21: Introduction to Apprenticeship
    Risa Mathews
  18. Aug 27/28: Introduction to Apprenticeship, final assessment
    Risa Mathews

Teacher Training Fees : (please add 5% GST to all rates)
Options for registration :

  • (a) Each Module weekend workshop : $460.00
  • (b) Mentorship (Modules 1-14 paid in full) $6000.00
  • (c) Instructor Training Certificate (modules 1-18 paid in full by January 5, 2022) $7650.00

*Virtual attendees are welcome to attend all classes or select workshops. Boditree
offers a Classical Mentorship program which enables contemporary Instructors to use
our workshops as ongoing education in their study to complete Classical training in the
Pilates Method. Mentorship Certification requires attendance to modules 1-14.
**in-studio workouts including Group sessions and Private lessons are not included in
the cost of study. We recommend a minimum of 10 private sessions through the
course of study, and 2-3 group workouts per week. We leave this decision up to the
student based on their availability and budget.

Scholarship: Boditree offers one person free access to our training, each year. Our Olivia Thorvaldson Memorial Scholarship was set up to honor the memory of Boditree Instructor, Olivia, who passed away from a brain tumor in March, 2020. This scholarship does not cover the cost of workouts or private lessons, only tuition for the weekend workshops. Just send us an email telling us why you think you should win the scholarship, and your submission will be reviewed. This scholarship is open to all new Pilates Teacher Training students, but not Mentoring students.