Your Career in Pilates starts this Summer at Boditree!

Boditree Pilates Instructor Training: Starting June 23rd, 2019

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Are you thinking about becoming a Pilates Instructor? Participants in Boditree’s training program are given the tools to evolve into seasoned and confident educators, with employment opportunities both locally and around the globe.

Pilates Instructor at Boditree PilatesA Career in Pilates Starts at Boditree
A career in the Pilates profession is right in tune with the increased demand for personalized services to enhance and improve quality of life. As a PIlates instructor, you are in a field where you can directly make a difference in people’s lives  in a workplace that is as comfortable and peaceful as a Pilates studio. On completion of your training you have skills and knowledge that you can take anywhere and many options in terms of how you would like to work.  You will have flexibility and choice in how you decide to market your skills.

Who can Become a Pilates Instructor?
Instructors have many backgrounds—some have a fitness or dance background, but many do not, and have changed careers due to dissatisfaction with stressful or unsatisfying  work. A desire to learn and embrace Pilates plus the training and apprenticeship you receive at the Boditree gives  you what you need to make an exciting change in your  career path. Pilates Instructors come in all ages and sizes as do your future clients! Pilates sessions build strong and resilient bodies of all ages and types and is one of the most inclusive forms of exercise avaialble.

One on One training in Pilates at Boditree with Individual Instruction in a Group SettingOur Program:
Our program has 2 levels, with Level One Foundation being a comprehensive training that leaves you with employment ready skills. Level 2 Advanced is where you can add to your foundation, and acquire specialized skills in dealing with special needs, workout design, mastery of advanced Pilates repertoire and more hands-on experience and apprenticeship hours.

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