G5 Percussive Massage at Boditree Pilates Vancouver

G5 percussive massage is an excellent and efficient way to release muscle tightness, improve fascial circulation, tone the body and improve lymphatic drainage.

The G5 Percussive Massage System is used both by top models in France for toning & cellulite reduction, and by professional league athletes (NFL and MLB) for post game and injury recovery! The G5 allows for a deeper massage in a shorter period of time than traditional techniques. With it’s quiet yet powerful percussive force, you can feel the tension melting away soon into the treatment. Afterwards you will fill energized, toned and relaxed.

g-5 percussive massage is available by appointment at Boditree PIlates Vancovuer

Used in the health industry for over 50 years, G5 treatments are effective in reducing lactic acid, flushing lymphatic tissue, and for faster recovery from injury. Triathletes,  cyclists, marathoners, team sport and weekend warriors? Try the G5 for greater recovery and treatment of any strains and stresses. The G5 is excellent for treatment of  postural and occupational aches and pains especially in conjunction with a customized Pilates workout.

This magnificent tool features an assortment of attachments used without the need for oils or linaments. The treatments were developed by Risa Mathews of Boditree Vancouver in coordination with Boditree’s in-house Chiropractor, Dr. Randy Zindler.

Our clients love the benefits of G5 treatments in combination with their custom designed Pilates workouts.  You can also add on a session in our infrared sauna to deepen this restorative and relaxing experience.

At Boditree Pilates and Healing, we offer two options for G-5 Percussive Massage in our private treatment room. A 25 minute session and a 50 minute session.  Also, all Pilates apparatus clientele receive their first 25 minute session at no charge! G5 treatments are most effective following a workout or sauna. To book a session, please see reception or call the studio.
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