Boditree Gift Certificates

Need an eco-friendly gift this year? Why not give the gift of Pilates at Boditree Pilates and Healing! Pilates is perfect for all ages and is a really great idea for people wanting to improve in their sport or to work on an injury or functional issue. A great gift for anyone new to Pilates would be our Intro Package for 4 private sessions at $330.

Within the initial session, we get to know our new client and discuss their needs and anything they would like to work on. In the same session, we will begin to determine  range of motion, flexibility, and potential muscular and skeletal imbalances. The instructor will create a customized program for based on the intial session and then be there for the remaining one on one sessions to guide and assist.

Call us at 604-736-2634 or email us at for more information.