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Boditree Virtual Class Schedule : March 23-28, 2020
We are offering classes online using the free Zoom app

Stay in shape while you stay at home to support the effort in Canada to slow the spread of the Covid 19. With our classes or private sessions using Zoom, we can actually see you while you work out, so you get the corrections and attention you get in the studio. Try it out!

Register using our online booking, under the “Classes” tab!

Here is the schedule for this week:

Monday 23/03 

  • 12:30 pm     Fletcher Floorwork (Risa)
  • 2:00 pm    Ballet Fundamentals (Caitlin)
  • 6:30 pm    Fletcher Floorwork (Risa)

Tuesday 24/03

  • 9:00 am    Pilates Matwork (Caitlin)
  • 12:30 pm    Fletcher Floorwork (Risa)
  • 5:00 pm    Pilates Matwork (Risa)
  • 6:30 pm    Boditree Fusion (Risa)

Wednesday 25/03

  • 12:30 pm     Fletcher Floorwork (Risa)
  • 4:00 pm    Pilates Matwork (Caitlin)
  • 5:30 pm    Contemporary Dance Workout (Caitlin)

Thursday 26/03

  • 8:30 am    Ballet Fundamentals (Caitlin)
  • 12:30 pm    Contemporary Dance Workout (Caitlin)
  • 2:00 pm    Boditree Fusion (Risa)
  • 4:00 pm    Boditree Stretch (Risa)
  • 6:30 pm    Fletcher Floorwork (Risa)

Friday 27/03

  • 11:00 am    Fletcher Floorwork (Risa)
  • 12:30 pm    Boditree Stretch (Risa)
  • 1:30 pm    Contemporary Dance Workout (Caitlin)
  • 5:00 pm    Pilates Matwork (Risa)

Saturday 28/03

  • 9:00 am   Ballet Fundamentals (Caitlin)
  • 12:00 pm Contemporary Dance Workout (Caitlin)
  • 1:30 pm   Fletcher Floorwork (Risa)

How to Register:

Please register via MindBody Online (in Classes section), you will then receive a code from Zoom the day of the class for signing in.

  • Single class : $20.00 Canadian (approx. $16 USD)
  • 10 pack :  $150.00 CDN – to be used within 3 months from date of purchase.

Privates are also available via Zoom, to book in please do so via MindBody.

Please download the Zoom App for ease of access to each class.

Boditree will publish a new schedule each week, in coordination with public demand, and staff availability during this world crisis.  Stay strong and healthy, workout with us ! 

Pilates and the Spanish Flu of 1918

As stories of the Corona Virus take over the media, it is interesting to look back at time when other pandemics have occurred. One of the worst of these, The Spanish Flu of 1918, was during Joseph Pilates’ lifetime. It is one of the most deadly on record, with a death toll of 27 – 50 million people.

Pilates himself spent 1915 – 1919 in an interment camp in England, and according to interviews with Joseph Pilates, neither he nor his fellow internees caught this deadly flu virus. He credits this to the regular exercise regime he devised and taught to his fellow inmates, which we now know as the original Pilates Mat Work. Now of course we have to take his word for this, but it was something he was proud of and repeated to many people. So here is a short version of his story, and hopefully it will inspire you to take up Pilates!…

Joseph Pilates, a german national, was living in London in 1914 trying to make a living teaching boxing and bodybuilding. Once the war broke out with Germany, it was difficult for germans to find work in England. Consequently, needing employment, Joseph took a job with a circus. He was travelling with a circus in 1915 in England, when the word came down that all germans had to register as “Enemy Aliens”. Pilates dutifully registered at a local police station, but most likely due to the fact that he was employed in a travelling circus, authorities were suspicious….could this travelling German man be a spy? He and many others were taken to Knockaloe Internment Camp on the Isle of Mann.

“Here, as weeks lengthened into months and years, he watched his fellow-prisoners sink into apathy and despair, with nothing to do but stare at the bare crumbling walls of their prison, nothing to break the daily monotony but the inadequate meals (for the German submarine blockade was slowly starving England) and an occasional walk around the bare courtyard…”

Pilates began to observe feral cats and how, despite their lack of proper food, remained lithe and springy unlike his human companions. From studying their habits, he began to create a series of exercises.

“He saw them [the cats], when they had nothing else to do, stretching their legs out, stretching, stretching, keeping their muscles limber, alive. He began working out an orderly series of exercises to stretch the human muscles, all the human muscles.”

“He began demonstrating these exercises to the dejected figures around him, and since they had nothing else to do, they began to do the exercises too. Awkwardly and timorously at first, but under his firm supervision they became more and more confident, more and more bouncy, like cats. They ended the war in better shape than when it started, and when the great influenza epidemic came sweeping over all the countries that had fought in the war, not one of them came down with it.”

Quote taken from the 1962 interview with Joseph Pilates by Robert Wernick,  entitled “Learning to be an Animal”, for Sports Illustrated.

  • sources for this article:
    • and
    •, The Legacy of Pilates and his time at Knockaloe, The Knockaloe Exhibition and Patrick Visitors Centre and Archive

Pilates’ original matwork is still done today, and is the basis of all of the work done on the apparatus. If you would like to try it, Boditree Pilates and Healing has both private and group matwork available. Boditree Pilates & Healing also has instruction online for people who would like to work out at home. Call us at 604-736-2634 to set up your session today!


Boditree Spring Promotions to Promote a Strong Immunity, Core, and Attitude

Save up to $90 until March 20, 2020

Focus on the Positive! Let’s get STRONG !

Pilates is a great exercise for building up a healthy body and the focus on breathing and respiratory muscles adds a fantastic benefit to your overall health.

Read more about the health benefits of Pilates here…

The Boditree Studio is spacious (one of Vancouver’s largest!) allowing for lots of free and empty space around each client. Our studios have windows that open (not all recirculated air).  Our equipment and mats are cleaned after each session, which is multiple times a day… for your health. Clients are requested to wash hands before entering the studio or to use the Hand Sanitizer provided.

Introductory 4 private sessions : (save $45 + free gift!)

Sign up for the starter promo at $300 plus tax and receive a complimentary lavender hand sanitizer, custom made for  Boditree ! New Clients only.

22 for 20 Group Promo :  (save over $60)

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21 for 20 Private Promo :  (Save over $90)

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All promos run from March 11-20, 2020

Pilates Mat and Fletcher Floor/Towel/Barre at Boditree Pilates Feb 17

Join us for small group mat classes at Boditree Pilates! (3 people maximum per class)

February 17-April 4, 2020

We have Classical Pilates Mat and Fletcher Floor with Towel and Barre!
At only 3 clients per class, you will get great attention to detail from your instuctor and great results! Only $35 per class (55 minutes) and you will love it! Try one today, call 604-736-2634 or book online (use the ‘classes’ tab)

  • Mondays : 4:30 pm – Fletcher Floor/Barre/Towelwork
  • Tuesdays : 5:30 pm – Pilates Matwork 6:30 pm – Fletcher Floor/Barre/Towelwork
  • Wednesdays : 12:00 pm – Pilates Matwork 7:30 pm – Piliates Matwork
  • Thursdays : 4:00 pm – Pilates Matwork
  • Fridays : 12:30 pm – Pilates Matwork 5:30 pm – Fletcher Floor/Barre/Towel

Rates : (please add GST to all rates) Single class : $35.00 Pack of 10 : $300.00
*maximum 3 participants per class
*All classes run for 55 minutes

Fundraiser for Australia: 100% proceeds to the WWF Bushfire relief

Pilates for Australia Fund Raiser 2020

Pilates Matwork class for australian bushfire relief

1:00 pM, $20 per person

100% of proceeds will go to the WWF bushfire fundraiser.

To register for this Matclass fundraiser, please  Register here or call Boditree  at 604-736-2634. We will have a fundraising cash box at reception for the month of February, 100% of donations will go towards bushfire relief!  #pilatesforaustralia @wwf_australia #pilatescanada #pilatesaustralia

View this post on Instagram

We are joining the #fundraising campaign for #australia and the #wwf ! Thanks to Tracy @pilatay for spearheading this campaign ❤️ details : 🔹Pilates Matwork class SUNDAY FEBRUARY 2, at 1:00 pm. 100% of proceeds will go to the WWF bushfire fundraiser. Cost : $20 per person 🔹we will have a fundraising cash box at reception for the month of February, 100% of donations will go towards bushfire relief via the gofundme campaign generously set up by Tracy. To register for this Matclass fundraiser, please go to Mindbody online or call Boditree ! Donation links to come ! #pilatesforaustralia @wwf_australia #pilatescanada #pilatesaustralia 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 TEACHER TRAINING FEBRUARY-DECEMBER 2020 : Boditree’s upcoming classical Pilates Teacher Training program commences February 2020. We cover Eve Gentry Lineage, Classical variations, and Fletcher fundamentals, the full repertoire on all apparatus, plus modifications for special needs. A full Apprenticeship is included, for we want our students confident in their teaching skills ! See website for more details, or give us a call ! We also offer bridging to the classical work for IT upgrades, call for info ✨ 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 #pilatesvancity #pilatesvancouver #pilatesinstructortraining #onlinepilatesworkshops #boditreepilatesandhealing #pilatesheals #pilatesworkshops #movewithintegrity #classicalpilatesstudio #boditree #southgranvillepilates #pilatescertification #pilatestransforms #risamathews #fitgirls #pilatesbody #womeninbusiness #strongnotskinny #fitnessyvr

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Boditree Open Dec. 23-31st!

2019 Holiday Schedule December 23,2019-January 1,2020

Regularly pre-booked master times do not run during these dates.
To book sessions during the holiday schedule dates, please check out the online Mindbody App or request your times with reception at 604-736-2634
All our regular services run during the holiday schedule, but in a different appointment setting, to reflect staff availability. Please see below for the list of group apparatus times on offer !
Monday Dec.  23
9:00 am / 5:30 pm
Tuesday Dec. 24
10:00 am
Wednesday, Dec. 25
2:00 pm
Thursday Dec. 26
11:00 am / 5:30 pm
Friday, Dec. 27
9:00 am / 11:00 am
Saturday Dec. 28
9:00 am / 10:30 am
Monday Dec. 30
9:00 am / 5:30 pm
Tuesday Dec. 31
11:00 am
Wednesday, Jan 01 :
All usual pre-booked Master Times and our regular schedule resumes on January 2​nd, ​ 2020
Happy Holidays !

Boditree Wins on Best of Pilates 2019

logo for best of pilates 2019

Boditree Pilates has been selected in 2 categories this year in the Best of Pilates 2019 voted for by Pilates community members who visit or Pilatay on instagram. Results were based on Boditree’s amazing Instagram account. If you haven’t visited please do so at

On the Boditree  instagram you will see inside our studio and can view Risa’s tips and teaching. Have a look especially if you are considering working out at Boditree, and you will get a real feel for what we do here at Boditree Pilates Vancouver.

Risa Mathews and Boditree Pilates Vancovuer were selected for:

  • Best Instagram Tutorials
  • Pilates Studio Crush

Frequently Asked Questions about Pilates…

Is Pilates suitable for older people?
• Yes!  A Pilates workout can be adapted to suit your individual needs at any age. At Boditree Pilates and Healing we have many clients 55 and up!  Pilates is gentle and much can be done from a sitting or lying position. Pilates is great for pre and post joint replacement, osteoporosis, neurological issues and any physical differences. Pilates is accessible to everybody, and Boditree Pilates and Healing is wheelchair accessible with an elevator and stair-free entrance. Call us at Boditree PIlates to talk about your needs today at 604-736-2634! We also have remote sessions if you are not in our local area.

What if I am not in the best shape…?
At Boditree PIlates & Healing, we work with you in the shape our are in today! Physiotherapists have embraced Pilates as a very safe way to rehabilitate injuries and chronic  postural and functional issues such as sore backs, necks, knees and feet.   By strengthening the core and bringing postural muscles back to life, we have seen some amazing transformations! At Boditree we customize each and every program and we have many years experience with a huge range of clientele.

Is Pilates complicated and difficult to do?
Pilates is very easy to learn and to do. At Boditree Pilates & Healing, during your initial new client private sessions we introduce you to all the equipment you will be using,  and how to use it. We are with you, one on one, for 4 sessions, and in our group sessions we have a high instructor to client ratio, to ensure hands-on help is right there for you! When you do your workout, you have on hand your own custom worksheet, that lists all the exercises and equipment you need as well. Supervision and support is what we provide and why we get great results!

I have an injury and I have not exercised for a while, can I do Pilates
• Our Boditree Pilates programs are all custom designed after private one on one consultation with you. We learn about any limitations and your goals. No preparation required, we like to start with you exactly as you are right now! As we progress together, your program will evolve to challenge you more when you are ready! Read about our 4 introductory private ‘getting to know you’ sessions at a special rate for new clients here…

Will Pilates Challenge me as an athlete?
• Because Pilates trains your body in a very different manner than most sports focussed programs, even seasoned professional athletes can find the exercises challenging! Pilates works the core and the whole body in a unique way that is a very effective companion form of training for athletes and any one who enjoys sports and the outdoors. Boditree Pilates has trained professional athletes and performers and entertainers, locally and internationally.

Pilates for Pregnancy

Join the hundreds of women who have experienced Boditree Pilates whilst pregnant, and benefit from the beauty that is Pilates, pre and post natally.

Pregnancy is an important time for experiencing custom designed Pilates workouts, as it helps the mother to be prepare for childbirth. Just like all of our new clients at Bodtiree Pilates & Healing, the process commences with 4 introductory sessions, and this is where we design your workout and teach it to you.

Pilates will help you feel in control of your body whilst it changes during each trimester, and the work will prepare you not just for labour, but also for the sleepless nights that follow. Postural integrity and pain management are very real considerations in post-natal health, and we are dedicated to serving this population with immense care.


What is Pilates? How is it Different?

Pilates is a form of exercise that many have heard about but not that many have actually experienced. If the name “Pilates”  does not really conjure up a picture for you, read along and learn about this amazing form of physical fitness:

  • Pilates allows you to train and strengthen muscles using resistance and body weight without requiring impact or heavy weights.
  • In particular, Pilates strengthens the deeper postural muscles found in the core. The movements and techniques of Pilates access the essential muscles required to protect your back and allow you to enjoy a wide range of sports and activities.
  • Pilates is not cardio-vascular exercise, but involve conscious use of the breath, which helps tone your respiratory musculature and oxygenates your entire body by getting the blood flowing to all areas.
  • Pilates builds long and flexible muscles as opposed to the bulkier muscles created by weight training. Due to this, many athletes use Pilates as a counter balance to traditional sports training, to prevent injuries and to rehabilitate existing ones.
  • Pilates is a great way to not only get in excellent shape, but to regain good posture, flexibility and tone. As you progress through your exercises more and more benefits are revealed to you…better walking and running, better skiing and a feeling of standing taller and with ease.

If you are curious to try it, give us a call at 604-736-2634 to talk about how Pilates can benefit you and take a look at our Testimonials to read  our client’s stories.