What is Pilates? How is it Different?

Pilates is a form of exercise that many have heard about but not that many have actually experienced. If the name “Pilates”  does not really conjure up a picture for you, read along and learn about this amazing form of physical fitness:

  • Pilates allows you to train and strengthen muscles using resistance and body weight without requiring impact or heavy weights.
  • In particular, Pilates strengthens the deeper postural muscles found in the core. The movements and techniques of Pilates access the essential muscles required to protect your back and allow you to enjoy a wide range of sports and activities.
  • Pilates is not cardio-vascular exercise, but involve conscious use of the breath, which helps tone your respiratory musculature and oxygenates your entire body by getting the blood flowing to all areas.
  • Pilates builds long and flexible muscles as opposed to the bulkier muscles created by weight training. Due to this, many athletes use Pilates as a counter balance to traditional sports training, to prevent injuries and to rehabilitate existing ones.
  • Pilates is a great way to not only get in excellent shape, but to regain good posture, flexibility and tone. As you progress through your exercises more and more benefits are revealed to you…better walking and running, better skiing and a feeling of standing taller and with ease.

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Risa Mathews Radio Interview

Listen to Risa Mathews of Boditree Pilates & Healing in her interview with Darien Gold on All Things Pilates.

LIsten to the podcast with risa mathews & darien gold

From Darien’s site….”Feel like you’re beginning to slouch? Starting to hear creaks and pops in your joints? Then “All Things Pilates” is for you! Instructors and health practitioners join me as we teach you how move with strength and ease. Also, you’ll be educated about the two main approaches to Pilates: classical and contemporary. Pilates is a global phenomenon and it’s yours both live and when time permits.” https://dariengold.com/radio-show/