Psychology of Rehabilitation

The Psychology of Rehabilitation workshop is all about productive communication with clients and with ourselves, when overcoming illness, injury, or suffering of any kind.  The nature of pain is that if it is sustained over months and years rather than days and weeks, it can literally rewire how we process muscular contraction, and ultimately delay and even inhibit recovery. We can exist in fight or flight breath, posture, and mentality with anguish always close by, for decades. Unfortunately it is quite sustainable, if incredibly damaging, and uncomfortable.  The way out can last years, or it can be fast.  The difference is how one views the challenge. Consideration for the fascia, the spine, breath, lymphatic health, nutrition, and exercise are all central components to the most meaningful facets of healing, but mental health is equally important to consider. In this workshop you will learn powerful sequences and approaches that help to reprogram belief systems and clean the slate of the mind, to reset our understanding about pain and healing, and ultimately help us speed up recovery.  Tools used by national athletes begin in the mind, the self-discipline of a meditation practice governed by the intent to recover and get back in the game, begins with meditation sequences and mind exercises. This workshop will deliver powerful approaches that will help you help your clients heal with less suffering, and ultimately enjoy their “Return to Life” (Joseph Pilates).