Advanced Releasework™

Assessing a fibromyalgia flare and responding to it. When our model client came in for filming we assumed we were going to film advanced workout design, however this was not possible as she was in pain. So we responded in the moment, to what was presented to us - a body that was suffering. This course will give you insight into how Risa manages such cases in the moment, with assessment, Boditree Release Work, and experiencing the dance between assessment and response. You will see how the body becomes prepared for Pilates, with measurable results from before to after the session.

*Boditree Release Work

*assessing and releasing the pelvis

*assessing and releasing the neck and collarbone

*assessing and releasing psoas, rebalancing breath with the ribs, and integrating hemispheres

On successful completion of the course and associated quiz Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) members will receive 3 CEC points (continuing education credits).