What is Pilates? How is it Different?

Pilates is a form of exercise that many have heard about but not that many have actually experienced. If the name “Pilates”  does not really conjure up a picture for you, read along and learn about this amazing form of physical fitness:

  • Pilates allows you to train and strengthen muscles using resistance and body weight without requiring impact or heavy weights.
  • In particular, Pilates strengthens the deeper postural muscles found in the core. The movements and techniques of Pilates access the essential muscles required to protect your back and allow you to enjoy a wide range of sports and activities.
  • Pilates is not cardio-vascular exercise, but involve conscious use of the breath, which helps tone your respiratory musculature and oxygenates your entire body by getting the blood flowing to all areas.
  • Pilates builds long and flexible muscles as opposed to the bulkier muscles created by weight training. Due to this, many athletes use Pilates as a counter balance to traditional sports training, to prevent injuries and to rehabilitate existing ones.
  • Pilates is a great way to not only get in excellent shape, but to regain good posture, flexibility and tone. As you progress through your exercises more and more benefits are revealed to you…better walking and running, better skiing and a feeling of standing taller and with ease.

If you are curious to try it, give us a call at 604-736-2634 to talk about how Pilates can benefit you and take a look at our Testimonials to read  our client’s stories.


Pilates as Physical Therapy

Boditree Pilates offers one-on-one Pilates in Vancouver BC. Our clients all begin with our comprehensive evaluation, where we take into consideration your physical condition, your goals and any information from your physician, physiotherapist or other therapist. At Boditree Pilates and Healing, we have experience in working with a variety of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular issues. We get to know you through and through, and then we create a customized program of Pilates, release work and other modalities in order to get you exercising, healing and back in to life!

Our instructors have specialized training for prenatal and postnatal pregnancy care and in release work and many other healing techniques.

Take a look at our Testimonials to read about how our clients have benefitted from Pilates at Boditree and call us at 604-736-2634 to discuss getting started on getting you back into fitness, right now!

Are you too out of shape for Pilates…?

The answer is NO! pilates is perfect if you are ‘out of shape’

PIlates Is the ideal exercise for bringing you back to fitness and an active life. At Boditree Pilates and Healing, we custom design each client’s program in order to address any issues and goals you may have, at any age. Our clients come in all ages, ‘shapes’  and sizes, and we create programs that are helping people right now!

Did you know that Joseph Pilates devised the first versions of his exercises for fellow World War One internment camp detainees, many of whom were in poor health or injured? Right from the beginning, Pilates was able to create exercises to strengthen and rehabilitate even bed-riddent fellow inmates.

So bring your brand new joints and old worn out ones, your post-natal abdominals and pelvic floor, your unused postural muscles and aching feet, neck or any other body part to us…we can help!  There is a reason more and more Physiotherapists are embracing and incorporating Pilates in to their practices…and at Boditree you can get one on one training with Pilates and the ongoing support you need to ensure you are getting the results you need.

At Boditree Pilates & Healing, we are wheelchair accessible and welcome all clients to experience and enjoy Pilates. Call us for an initial consultation and discuss your needs and how we can help!  604-736-2634



Risa Mathews Radio Interview

Listen to Risa Mathews of Boditree Pilates & Healing in her interview with Darien Gold on All Things Pilates.

LIsten to the podcast with risa mathews & darien gold

From Darien’s site….”Feel like you’re beginning to slouch? Starting to hear creaks and pops in your joints? Then “All Things Pilates” is for you! Instructors and health practitioners join me as we teach you how move with strength and ease. Also, you’ll be educated about the two main approaches to Pilates: classical and contemporary. Pilates is a global phenomenon and it’s yours both live and when time permits.” https://dariengold.com/radio-show/

Group Classes in our New Space at Boditree

New Classes & New Space!

New classes launch October 21st, 2019 – we have small classes at great prices to warm your fall evenings and afternoons with great workouts! All in our fresh new studio we are adding to accomodate our classes and floorwork. Check out the classes on our website and visit the studio to look at our amazing space, we know you will want to come back for more!

Group Fitness

We have added even more studio space for you at Boditree

We are building a new private floor space room for all things Pilates Matwork, Fletcher Barre/Floor/Towel classes, signature Boditree stretch and release classes, teacher training, and more !! The new classes launch October 21st, 2019 – sign up early to reserve your spot !  all classes are a maximum 6 participants to ensure quality of instruction and experience ! Join us !

Connie Myers is Back !

Boditree instructor Connie Myers is returning from the Yukon this month, make sure to book your sessions before she fills up !

Call us at 604-736-2634 and make your appointment today!

A Career in Pilates?

Considering a career in in health and fitness? You may be on the right track!

Did you know that according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, work for fitness trainers and instructors is projected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026, which is faster than the average for all occupations.

If you enjoy doing Pilates you may like to explore training to be a Pilates Instructor.   As an instructor, you get to help people get in shape and to rehabilitate from injuries and postural issues, which leads to great job satisfaction! Employment may be found at a Pilates Studio or Community Center, and as a qualified Pilates Professional you may also open your studio or offer one on one training to clients. Many instructors also enjoy the active nature of the job, where sitting is not really part of the program for you or your clients!

Pilates is a form of exercise that very accessible to all types of people, and instructors come in all ages and sizes as do their clients. Modifications to the ‘Classical’ repertoire, allow anyone to benefit from this form of exercise, no matter what limitations they may have. PIlates can be combined with other healing and rehabilitation techniques and is great for all ages, from children to seniors.

If you have tried Pilates and love it, why not take a look at our Pilates Instructor Training Program at Boditree Pilates & Healing  and see if you may be interested in beginning your journey to becoming a Pilates Instructor with Boditree Pilates & Healing?

If you want to try out Pilates for the first time, we also offer a great new client package at an amazing price. Click here to read more!


Risa Mathews of Boditree Pilates: Interview with Darien Gold on ‘All Things Pilates’

Risa of Boditree PIlates VancouverRisa Mathews of Boditree Pilates & Healing was  featured on last Sunday’s radio broadcast of “All Things PIlates” on KPCA.FM California hosted by Darien Gold. Darien’s radio show, “All Things Pilates” explores the evolution of the Pilates method and ita connections to complimentary strategies such as podiatry, chiropractic and other physical therapies. If you are interested in PIlates, have a listen!

In the interview Risa discusses Boditree Releasework, the changing face of the Pilates industry, and her mission.Get to know Risa and what she is about…tune in at http://dariengold.com/radio-show/  to listen online.


Your Career in Pilates starts this Summer at Boditree!

Boditree Pilates Instructor Training: Starting June 23rd, 2019

Click here for details and pricing

Are you thinking about becoming a Pilates Instructor? Participants in Boditree’s training program are given the tools to evolve into seasoned and confident educators, with employment opportunities both locally and around the globe.

Pilates Instructor at Boditree PilatesA Career in Pilates Starts at Boditree
A career in the Pilates profession is right in tune with the increased demand for personalized services to enhance and improve quality of life. As a PIlates instructor, you are in a field where you can directly make a difference in people’s lives  in a workplace that is as comfortable and peaceful as a Pilates studio. On completion of your training you have skills and knowledge that you can take anywhere and many options in terms of how you would like to work.  You will have flexibility and choice in how you decide to market your skills.

Who can Become a Pilates Instructor?
Instructors have many backgrounds—some have a fitness or dance background, but many do not, and have changed careers due to dissatisfaction with stressful or unsatisfying  work. A desire to learn and embrace Pilates plus the training and apprenticeship you receive at the Boditree gives  you what you need to make an exciting change in your  career path. Pilates Instructors come in all ages and sizes as do your future clients! Pilates sessions build strong and resilient bodies of all ages and types and is one of the most inclusive forms of exercise avaialble.

One on One training in Pilates at Boditree with Individual Instruction in a Group SettingOur Program:
Our program has 2 levels, with Level One Foundation being a comprehensive training that leaves you with employment ready skills. Level 2 Advanced is where you can add to your foundation, and acquire specialized skills in dealing with special needs, workout design, mastery of advanced Pilates repertoire and more hands-on experience and apprenticeship hours.

Click here for details and pricing of the Boditree Pilates Instructor Training 2019