Instructor Training

Boditree Pilates Teacher Training: 2020

A classical approach to studying and mastering the Pilates Method, in a fully equipped studio ! Learn the full repertoire, how to modify for individual needs, and to teach the work in a supportive environment via a detailed and personalized Apprenticeship.
Click here to hear Risa Mathews of Boditree Pilates & Healing talk about our Instructor Training Program…

Why I chose to train with Boditree…
“I found Risa’s passion and dedication to the Pilates method inspiring. Boditree focuses on Classical work, offering insight to the original exercises and intent of the Pilates Method. When you do a contemporary course, you end up learning variations of exercises and a different order for the program. This tends to distract from why certain exercises exist and what their purpose is.”
What the training provided me…
“My training with Boditree provided me with an understanding and appreciation of the Classical Method. Risa has a holistic approach to the benefits of Pilates for your wellbeing as a whole, not just your body. She emphasizes that Pilates being so much more than just a workout.”

Elsa van der Merwe,
Pilates Instructor, Boditree Pilates

Why I chose to train with Boditree
“I chose to train at Boditree because of its well respected reputation and welcoming staff. Boditree’s custom boutique service and education makes them exceptional to many other studios.”
What the training provided me
“The training at Boditree provided me with the knowledge and confidence to be able to see what the body needs and to create custom design programs. The continuous in-house training and team work Boditree gives has helped me grow as an instructor.”

Christine Halicki
Studio Manager & Senior Instructor, Boditree Pilates

In addition to learning the full Classical repertoire (including the entire original mat work), students learn how to create a lesson plan for teaching Classical Pilates Matwork, how to teach with the apparatus, and how to assess clients and to select appropriate exercises and techniques.  Students will also have an introduction to Boditree Releasework TM.

Program Instructors

  • Risa Mathews, CEO Boditree Pilates & Healing
  • Mary Craig, Romana certified Master Pilates Instructor
  • Nicola Armanini, Boditree studio manager, Certified Pilates Instructor since 2000
  • Caitlin Brown, Boditree studio manager, professional Dancer, Certified Pilates Instructor since 2012

Why I chose to train with Boditree…
“I was a Boditree client before taking Risa’s instructor training. As a client, I watched a number of instructors through their apprenticeship and I was always amazed in their development and the quality of their training. Risa’s passion for, depth of knowledge about and extensive training in Pilates make her the ideal choice for instructor training.

Risa’s approach of “teaching the body in front of you” and just not teaching exercises leads to a depth of understanding of the power of Pilates that is unparalleled.”

Beth Bynoe, Pilates Instructor, Boditree Pilates

Dates & Times

All Classes are held on Saturdays 1:00-6:00 pm and Sundays 12:00-5:00 pm on the following dates:

1. February 2 (Sunday only): Matwork
2. February 8 & 9 : Matwork & Boditree Releasework
3. February 22 & 23 : Matwork & Spine Corrector
4. February 29 & March 1 : Matwork & Spine Corrector
5. March 7 & 8 : Footwork, Foot Corrrector
6. March 28 & 29 : Abdominals
7. April 4 & 5 : Feet in Straps
8. April 19 (Sunday only) : Hands in Straps
9.  May 2 & 3 : Rowing Series
10. May 23 & 24 : Swan options/Extension
11. May 30 & 31 : Long Box & Short Box
12. June 6 & 7 : Long Stretch Series
13. June 27 & 28 : Stomach Massage Series
14. July 4 & 5 : Tendon Stretch/Short Spine Stretch
15. July 18 & 19 : Semi circle/Magician Series
16. change : August 1 & 2 : Knee Stretch Series
17. change : August 8 & 9 : Pelvic Lift Series
18. September 5 & 6 : Advanced Repertoire
19. September 26 & 27 : modifications-special needs
20. October 3 & 4 : Apprenticeship
21. October 17 & 18 : Apprenticeship
22. October 24 & 25 : Apprenticeship
23. November 7 & 8 : Apprenticeship
24. November 14 & 15 : Apprenticeship
25. November 21 & 22 : review of content
26. December 5 & 6 : Apprenticeship

Final exam :  Sunday December 12, 2020

Pre requisites :

  1. All students must complete the introductory 4 private sessions with us at Boditree prior to the start date of this program.  This is when we do a full assessment and design a customized Pilates workout for the student, which assists in their conditioning during the class modules.  During the course of study we ask students to work out regularly with a minimum of two group sessions per week. If students are travelling from another city, they are welcome to attend workouts at a studio in their region. (a minimum of 50 workouts must be completed by the end of this course of study approx. $1600.00 cost).
  2. completion of 10 private sessions during the course of study ($900.00 cost)
  3. 5 hours of observation per week (this can be accomplished in a studio out of Vancouver, if students are travelling from another city to attend our training) no charge for observation.


Fees : please add GST to all rates

  • Introductory 4 privates $330.00
  • Weekend modules :  ($250.00 per weekend) $6500.00
  • 10 private sessions : $900.00
  • Final Exam :  $150.00
  • Total : $7880.00 base cost
    plus group sessions account (average twice per week)

5% earlybird discount for full payment before February 1st, 2020