In Studio Workouts—with Covid Protocol

All our apparatus workouts are custom designed for our clients

At Boditree Pilates & Healing we offer  Custom Designed Pilates Workouts and Classes both in our new studio and also online!

We have carefully designed our studio space to follow social distancing guidelines and are following Workers Compensation Board and Province of British Columbia guidelines for Covid-19 prevention. We have…

  • A fully implemented Covid 19 Health management plan ( covid 19 safety measures plan June 2020 )
  • a UV light air filter, which kills more than 95% of airborne bacteria and viruses, and is technology used in hospitals around the world
  • Our dedicated ventilation system so our air is not mixed with that of any other units
  • A disinfection routine and air out session of 15 minutes between all session times
  • All straps and bars have replaceable vinyl covers which are sanitized between use
  • Physical distancing of apparatus and clients as well as staff; staff handle and deliver moveable equipment to your station so you stay safe
  • All Boditree staff wear face masks and gloves whilst teaching, whilst Boditree clients also wear masks and gloves whilst working out

Each new Boditree client works with one of our instructors to determine their range of motion, their flexibility, and identify potential muscular and skeletal imbalances. Then we design a custom program that will allow your body to better respond to your Pilates training. We will also fully explain all the equipment you will be using…how to set it up, how to safely use it, and most importantly, how to get the most out of your Pilates custom workout. As you progress, we can move forward to different exercises and equipment.

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