Online Classes & Training

Book an Online Class or Private

To keep you fit,  we are offering live classes, privates & duets onlinE!

To register, simply sign up via Mindbody by clicking the button at the top of the page, or call 604-736-2634 or email Boditree and we will assist you.

  • For classes look in the Mindbody “Classes” tab
  • For privates and duets, go to the Mindbody “Customized Workouts” tab
  • If you prefer, call or email us to sign up at 604-736-2634 or

How does Zoom work?
Zoom allows your instructor to see you and help you with cues, just like at the studio.
So from the comfort of your own home, you can have all the instructor attention you get at our studio!

Once registered, we will email you the Zoom code, which takes your screen into the Boditree classroom. You’ll see us and we’ll see you !  Pop your phone on a window sill or something facing your mat so we can have a good view of you in movement !

What do I need?

  • good quality mat
  • water bottle
  • a  computer, tablet or smart phone with a camera ( prop it up somewhere so you can see us )
  • the Zoom app you can download for free
  • Some free time!

How do I sign up?
Please register via MindBody Online (in Classes section), you will then receive a code from Zoom the day of the class for signing in.