Pilates…it will change your life

“But there’s something else, too: a feeling that is hard to articulate, but which has to do with the ways in which physical and emotional strength are surely connected. I turned 50 this year and yet, I feel indomitable, somehow: so full of energy, so avid for life, so keenly interested in everyone and everything. My mood soars.”
………..Rachel Cooke, The Guardian

One does not frequently find articles that articulate so well how Pilates works in your life, how it can truly change your life by changing your physical being and how you perceive yourself in body and mind. Rachel Cooke of The Guardian shares her story of how Pilates helped her heal from back pain and more than that, brought her to a new level in her life, of physical capability and harmony. Read her story here: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/dec/01/pilates-took-me-from-crippling-back-pain-to-amazing-health

I felt happier, too. As I got better at Pilates, and concentrated on it more fully, the lessons became a breather from everything else: the only time in my week when my brain was not doing somersaults. Its nit-picky precision took me away from my desk and my deadlines. My clothes, I realised, were now too big; when I shopped, I had to buy a size down. I could slip into a pair of corduroys, kept for sentimental reasons, that I’d last worn at university. Above all, I felt 10 times stronger. This was incredibly liberating. On a plane, I was like the Incredible Hulk, lifting my luggage into the locker above my seat with utmost ease. In the garden, I could move terracotta pots around as if they were tiddly-winks.
Rachel Cooke, The Guardian

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