Boditree Pilates Teacher Training 2021-22

Teacher Training 2021-22

Our next program runs from August 2021 – June 2022, with classes held on select weekends in our Vancouver Studio and virtually, with students from around the world. Program dates to be posted April 20th, 2021.Virtual Attendees Welcome!
Already a teacher of Pilates?
Boditree’s Bridging Mentorship program has been designed for Contemporary Pilates Instructors seeking to study Classical Pilates in a supportive educational environment.
Boditree Pilates Instructor Training Overview:
Study the work of Joseph and Clara Pilates, and the contributions made by their students Ron Fletcher, Romana Kryzanowska, Eve Gentry, Kathy Grant, and more. This program of study promises to build capable and informed movement educators thoroughly trained in the Pilates Method of Physical Conditioning. The exercises and their applications, intent, and order, following the full classical repertoire on all apparatus is examined, explained and experienced, including modifications for special needs, workout design, and class template design for virtual and in-person services.
Saturdays 2:30-6:30 pm
Sundays 1:00-6:00 pm

Guest presenters:
All guest presenters will teach via Zoom on Saturdays from 3:00- 5:00 pm. In-house participants will be guided and assisted by Risa & Boditree staff whilst our guest educator presents their program of work. Virtual attendees will also receive feedback and guidance from both the presenter, and Risa. The Sunday class will see a review of content and moving it forward to more apparatus and exercise exploration.

Spring 2021 – New Virtual Pilates Classes from Boditree

Boditree Pilates now offering more online pilates classes

book online now!

Boditree Pilates has been delivering classes online throughout the pandemic and we are really getting good at it!  So….as promised we are offering more session of our 2 signature classes:

  • Boditree INTEGRATE
    We promise a thorough movement experience that delivers in grounding and improving balance, strength, flexibility, and switching on the all mighty core through classical Pilates with unique transitions, and individualized attention.
  • Fletcher Floorwork
    1st generation Pilates trainer Ron Fletcher developed a wonderful workout system called Fletcher Floorwork, and we promise an outstanding workout experiencing influences of classical Pilates Matwork, Martha Graham floorwork, and more! All levels welcome, no mat needed ! We conclude this dynamic flow workout with Standing Pilates sequences.
    Here is the updated schedule :


Tuesday (06/04)   10:30am INTEGRATE Matwork with Konner
Thursday (08/04)  10:30am INTEGRATE Matwork with Konner
Friday (09/04)        4:00pm  FLETCHER FLOORWORK with Risa
Sunday (11/04)     10:00am INTEGRATE Matwork with Konner

Monday (12/04)    5:00pm  FLETCHER FLOORWORK with Risa
Tuesday (13/04)   10:30am INTEGRATE Matwork with Konner
Thursday (15/04)  10:30am INTEGRATE Matwork with Konner
Sunday (17/04)     10:00am INTEGRATE Matwork with Konner

Monday (19/04)     5:00pm  FLETCHER FLOORWORK with Risa
Tuesday (20/04)    10:30am INTEGRATE Matwork with Konner
Thursday (22/04)  10:30am INTEGRATE Matwork with Konner
5:00pm  FLETCHER FLOORWORK with Risa
Sunday (25/04)      10:00am  INTEGRATE Matwork with Konner

Monday (26/04)       5:00pm   FLETCHER FLOORWORK with Risa
Tuesday (27/04)      10:30am INTEGRATE Matwork with Konner
Thursday (29/04)    10:30am INTEGRATE Matwork with Konner
Sunday    (02/05)    10:00am INTEGRATE Matwork with Konner

Requests are always welcome ! We also offer regularly scheduled virtual private sessions and equipment rentals.

Call us at 604-736-2634 or Email us here



Boditree Spring Promotions to Promote a Strong Immunity, Core, and Attitude

Save up to $90 until March 20, 2020

Focus on the Positive! Let’s get STRONG !

Pilates is a great exercise for building up a healthy body and the focus on breathing and respiratory muscles adds a fantastic benefit to your overall health.

Read more about the health benefits of Pilates here…

The Boditree Studio is spacious (one of Vancouver’s largest!) allowing for lots of free and empty space around each client. Our studios have windows that open (not all recirculated air).  Our equipment and mats are cleaned after each session, which is multiple times a day… for your health. Clients are requested to wash hands before entering the studio or to use the Hand Sanitizer provided.

Introductory 4 private sessions : (save $45 + free gift!)

Sign up for the starter promo at $300 plus tax and receive a complimentary lavender hand sanitizer, custom made for  Boditree ! New Clients only.

22 for 20 Group Promo :  (save over $60)

Purchase a 20 pack of group sessions and receive 2 groups for free !

21 for 20 Private Promo :  (Save over $90)

Purchase a 20 pack of private sessions and receive one extra private on the house !

All promos run from March 11-20, 2020

Pilates Mat and Fletcher Floor/Towel/Barre at Boditree Pilates Feb 17

Join us for small group mat classes at Boditree Pilates! (3 people maximum per class)

February 17-April 4, 2020

We have Classical Pilates Mat and Fletcher Floor with Towel and Barre!
At only 3 clients per class, you will get great attention to detail from your instuctor and great results! Only $35 per class (55 minutes) and you will love it! Try one today, call 604-736-2634 or book online (use the ‘classes’ tab)

  • Mondays : 4:30 pm – Fletcher Floor/Barre/Towelwork
  • Tuesdays : 5:30 pm – Pilates Matwork 6:30 pm – Fletcher Floor/Barre/Towelwork
  • Wednesdays : 12:00 pm – Pilates Matwork 7:30 pm – Piliates Matwork
  • Thursdays : 4:00 pm – Pilates Matwork
  • Fridays : 12:30 pm – Pilates Matwork 5:30 pm – Fletcher Floor/Barre/Towel

Rates : (please add GST to all rates) Single class : $35.00 Pack of 10 : $300.00
*maximum 3 participants per class
*All classes run for 55 minutes

New Client Special at Boditree Pilates

Spring Promotions at Boditree until Feb. 10, 2020

Hey Vancouver! Spring is on its way and summer is not far behind. It is a great time to get started with Pilates, and Boditree Pilates is offering 2 amazing deals to help you get started, so Call 604-736-2634 today! Offer Ends February 10th, 2020.

Boditree’s Introductory 4 private sessions are now on sale! Sign up for the intro 4 and receive either a 5th complimentary private session, or two complimentary group sessions, it’s your choice !

Offer ends February 10th, 2020. All sessions must be completed within 12 weeks from date of purchase.

Fundraiser for Australia: 100% proceeds to the WWF Bushfire relief

Pilates for Australia Fund Raiser 2020

Pilates Matwork class for australian bushfire relief

1:00 pM, $20 per person

100% of proceeds will go to the WWF bushfire fundraiser.

To register for this Matclass fundraiser, please  Register here or call Boditree  at 604-736-2634. We will have a fundraising cash box at reception for the month of February, 100% of donations will go towards bushfire relief!  #pilatesforaustralia @wwf_australia #pilatescanada #pilatesaustralia

Boditree Open Dec. 23-31st!

2019 Holiday Schedule December 23,2019-January 1,2020

Regularly pre-booked master times do not run during these dates.
To book sessions during the holiday schedule dates, please check out the online Mindbody App or request your times with reception at 604-736-2634
All our regular services run during the holiday schedule, but in a different appointment setting, to reflect staff availability. Please see below for the list of group apparatus times on offer !
Monday Dec.  23
9:00 am / 5:30 pm
Tuesday Dec. 24
10:00 am
Wednesday, Dec. 25
2:00 pm
Thursday Dec. 26
11:00 am / 5:30 pm
Friday, Dec. 27
9:00 am / 11:00 am
Saturday Dec. 28
9:00 am / 10:30 am
Monday Dec. 30
9:00 am / 5:30 pm
Tuesday Dec. 31
11:00 am
Wednesday, Jan 01 :
All usual pre-booked Master Times and our regular schedule resumes on January 2​nd, ​ 2020
Happy Holidays !

Boditree Wins on Best of Pilates 2019

logo for best of pilates 2019

Boditree Pilates has been selected in 2 categories this year in the Best of Pilates 2019 voted for by Pilates community members who visit or Pilatay on instagram. Results were based on Boditree’s amazing Instagram account. If you haven’t visited please do so at

On the Boditree  instagram you will see inside our studio and can view Risa’s tips and teaching. Have a look especially if you are considering working out at Boditree, and you will get a real feel for what we do here at Boditree Pilates Vancouver.

Risa Mathews and Boditree Pilates Vancovuer were selected for:

  • Best Instagram Tutorials
  • Pilates Studio Crush

Pilates…it will change your life

“But there’s something else, too: a feeling that is hard to articulate, but which has to do with the ways in which physical and emotional strength are surely connected. I turned 50 this year and yet, I feel indomitable, somehow: so full of energy, so avid for life, so keenly interested in everyone and everything. My mood soars.”
………..Rachel Cooke, The Guardian

One does not frequently find articles that articulate so well how Pilates works in your life, how it can truly change your life by changing your physical being and how you perceive yourself in body and mind. Rachel Cooke of The Guardian shares her story of how Pilates helped her heal from back pain and more than that, brought her to a new level in her life, of physical capability and harmony. Read her story here:

I felt happier, too. As I got better at Pilates, and concentrated on it more fully, the lessons became a breather from everything else: the only time in my week when my brain was not doing somersaults. Its nit-picky precision took me away from my desk and my deadlines. My clothes, I realised, were now too big; when I shopped, I had to buy a size down. I could slip into a pair of corduroys, kept for sentimental reasons, that I’d last worn at university. Above all, I felt 10 times stronger. This was incredibly liberating. On a plane, I was like the Incredible Hulk, lifting my luggage into the locker above my seat with utmost ease. In the garden, I could move terracotta pots around as if they were tiddly-winks.
Rachel Cooke, The Guardian

Quotes from:
Cooke, Rachel. (2019, Dec. 1), ‘Pilates-changed-my-life’ stories are annoying… but it did. The Guardian, International Edition. Retrieved from