Pilates Mat and Fletcher Floor/Towel/Barre at Boditree Pilates Feb 17

Join us for small group mat classes at Boditree Pilates! (3 people maximum per class)

February 17-April 4, 2020

We have Classical Pilates Mat and Fletcher Floor with Towel and Barre!
At only 3 clients per class, you will get great attention to detail from your instuctor and great results! Only $35 per class (55 minutes) and you will love it! Try one today, call 604-736-2634 or book online (use the ‘classes’ tab)

  • Mondays : 4:30 pm – Fletcher Floor/Barre/Towelwork
  • Tuesdays : 5:30 pm – Pilates Matwork 6:30 pm – Fletcher Floor/Barre/Towelwork
  • Wednesdays : 12:00 pm – Pilates Matwork 7:30 pm – Piliates Matwork
  • Thursdays : 4:00 pm – Pilates Matwork
  • Fridays : 12:30 pm – Pilates Matwork 5:30 pm – Fletcher Floor/Barre/Towel

Rates : (please add GST to all rates) Single class : $35.00 Pack of 10 : $300.00
*maximum 3 participants per class
*All classes run for 55 minutes

New Client Special at Boditree Pilates

Spring Promotions at Boditree until Feb. 10, 2020

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Offer ends February 10th, 2020. All sessions must be completed within 12 weeks from date of purchase.