Boditree Pilates Online Education !

Boditree Pilates LogoWe are excited to launch our upcoming online education programs, offering workshops and lessons that will be conveniently available to customers without the need for travel, hotel bookings, or expensive enrollment fees !  Our first film shoot takes place this weekend, and we should be able to go live by the end of the month with our first selection of workshops. More updates to come, stay tuned ! If you have any subjects you are interested in seeing us explore, don’t hesitate to shoot us a message, and let us know what you are wanting to learn from us.  Subject titles to date that will be explored :

  • Boditree release work
  • Boditree imprinting fundamentals
  • Breath, the pelvic floor, and alignment of the pelvis
  • Boditree scoliosis fundamentals
  • Boditree prenatal fundamentals
  • Pilates for dancers
  • Pilates exercises – order and intent
  • Integrating the OOV into a Pilates warm up