Working with Pain or Restrictions in Pilates

Carefully monitoring our clients is part of the Boditree Pilates Program. All clients get individual programs and attention.Everyone deserves to benefit from the freedom of movement Pilates provides, regardless of where they are at in their lives and bodies.

Some days we are capable of performing like a star, other days we are not at our best. This is what Boditree PIlates Vancouver excels at — custom designing programs to assist your body to heal and to achieve it’s finest based on where you are in your mind/body right now.

At Boditree Pilates and Healing we modify and make your exercises meaningful for you, and modify as much as is needed, so the body can strengthen and tone no matter what restrictions you may have. We work closely with you and as your ability to accept new challenges arises we adapt and update your program to make sure it is working for you. This way, when the day arrives that different repertoire is possible, the foundation had already been developed. You are ready and you are doing it!

Pilates is not only for capable movers, indeed, it is for ALL!